CL Groups warehouses and terminals are a central element of our expansive supply chain solutions for the fulfillment and distribution of goods. Our services are aimed at our broader promise to help companies manage inventory, process freight, and satisfy customers. For us, our fulfillment service is about delivering a positive experience not only for our clients but also their customers. We do this through our easily accessible, dynamic and readily available terminals. We utilize technology to provide order accuracy and visibility throughout the process. We are capable of tailoring our solutions to meet direct-to-customer or wholesale services as our dedicated team of professionals recognize opportunities to enhance inventory management guaranteeing optimal customer experience.


Access to the global market place is raising consumer expectations across emerging and developed market. Customers are demanding greater product variety and faster delivery increasing pressure on you to source products globally and channel them with a flexible and cost-effective supply chain. We offer end-to-end solutions from sourcing, cross docking and delivery to customers to customize your product offering and co-packing your products at the final stages of your distribution process.


As your E-commerce transport partner, we assure to provide excellent customer service, same-day/next-day delivery and an easy free return policy. Our Expert Teams are well versed to optimize customer experience, increase retention while keeping control of operational costs.

Forward Distribution

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