CL Group’s Lubricant Division takes pride in being a trusted and dynamic supplier in the petroleum industry. Our reliable brand identity has allowed us to enter the oil lubricant industry through partnering with local, regional and global oil producers.

At CL, we provide our customers with lubricant products and services to meet their oil and petroleum requirements. As a leading oil distributor in the Middle East region, we are uniquely equipped to offer a wide range of lubricant products from Shell, Petromin, Total, Mobil and Castrol. Our close partnerships with our suppliers allows us to obtain strong levels of inventory at cost-effective prices translating into affordable rates for our customers in turn reducing their purchasing and operational costs. Our product handling and storage facilities allow us to cross-dock your orders to help manage your inventory from order processing to final destination delivery.

Product Offering

  • Automotive lubricants
    Automotive lubricants
  • Marine lubricants
    Marine lubricants
  • Industrial lubricants
    Industrial lubricants
  • Greases
  • Open-gear lubricants
    Open-gear lubricants
  • Biodegradable lubricants
    Biodegradable lubricants

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